Sounds Italian…
Eccellente! Cossetti is a Piedmont producer of some standing. The family has been producing wine since 1891 when Giovanni Cossetti decided to transform the family farm into a wine estate.

1891! That’s makes Cossetti a more established wine producer than some entire nations!
Absolutely, and what this means is that the style of production here is 125 years old and follows a number of deeply ingrained traditions; notably the focus on growing the best and finest selection of grapes in the vineyards and displaying their quality and character in the wine.

A terroir-driven approach?
Couldn’t have put it better myself. The history of wine production in this area – as well as the rules governing production – mean that respecting the land and styles of each individual DOC and DOCG allows Cossetti to produce benchmark examples of many of the famous white and red wines from the region, including Barbera, Barolo, Gavi di Gavi and Rocero Arneis.

That’s some roll call. Tell me about the vineyards?
Cossetti’s mains vineyards are located in Castelnuovo Belbo. It’s here on these low-yielding 30-year-old vines where the important Barbera variety is grown, as well as smaller plots of Chardonnay, Cortese and Dolcetto. The area has been known historically as one of the best for the production of Barbera d’Asti, specifically in the highly esteemed Nizza sub-area. The other grapes that are used to create wines under the Cossetti label come from quality vineyards planted in the most favourable positions in Asti and in the best wine-producing areas in Piedmont of Langhe, Roero and Gavi.

Is it still a family affair?
Very much so. The family’s fourth generation is now in charge; three sisters who received their winemaking passion from their father, who in turn learned it from his. Cossetti’s respect for tradition and strive for quality are still at the very heart of the business, as is a desire to innovate and market these excellent wines on the international stage.

If you could pick just one wine to showcase what Cossetti does best, what would you choose?
Oh, don’t make me choose… but if there’s one wine which sums up Cossetti it must be the Barbara ‘La Vigna Vecchia’. It’s soft and so easy to drink, with a deep level of complexity on the palate. The quality that this wine shows is reflected right across the range, and once you have tried this you will want to explore the rest!

Sounds amazing. Now where’s the corkscrew?
Good plan. Let me give you a hand…

For more information visit their website, or check out The Knotted Vine’s Cossetti range HERE.