It’s three weeks since Out The Box brought more than 200 wines from seven importers to The Crypt on the Green in Clerkenwell.

October 3rd saw trade and press alike head to the beautiful space beneath St James Church to taste wines from a clutch of like-minded, small-scale importers, including The Knotted Vine.

The feedback on the day and in the weeks following has been impressive, and – says David Knott – ‘a small bit humbling’.

Wine writer David Crossley reviewed the tasting on his Wide World of Wine blog. He was mightily impressed by the “very exciting stuff on show” and summed the event up nicely.

“Out the Box certainly pushed at a few boundaries,” he wrote.

Of the wines he tasted he particularly enjoyed those from Architects of wine, Koerner, David Franz, El Mozo and Vinos Mar 7 from The Knotted Vine stable.

Read his full review HERE.

Wine trade publication The Buyer was in attendance too, and commented that the tasting was “perfect for buyers building a wine list from scratch.”

“You expect to find the weird and wonderful at a tasting like this, but it was the quality of the ‘stone cold staples’ that really stood out,” its review continued.

From The Knotted Vine table The Buyer singled out wines from Domaine des Gandines, Loveblock, Cossetti and Ministry of Clouds.

Full review HERE.

It was the Grenache from Ministry of Clouds that caught wine journalist and presenter Joe Wadsack’s eye too.

“Shiiiiiit. This is good. World class, super complex Grenache. Wow,” he enthused.

So all in all a hugely successful day with an impressive selection of wines on show across the board, and many kind words from our friends in the trade. Roll on OTB2018!