The Druids were wise men and philosophers of Celtic civilizations, whose duties extended to justice, medicine, history and poetry. Their main connect was the earth and the plants and their quest was to achieve spiritual equilibrium through the balance of nature. So does the viticulturist and winemaker in constant search for balace between the soil, the climate and the vines so they can attain the perfect wine, the perfect sensory balance. “Druida” wines are just that, a pursuit for balance with the utmost respect for nature. This is a personal project driven by passion for wines filled with freshness, elegance and aging potential. The Dão is a region of exceelence in these attributes. Rich in history, with its altitude vineyards, their granite soils, its cool climate and its indigenous varieties. These are handcrafted wines made from small and very special vineyards located on a plateau at 500 metres of altitude, on the right bank of the river Dão.  Winemaking takes place in a small cellar made of stone, established in the middle of the vineyards. It is a type of enology with very little intervening and where the main goal is the expression of the grapes and the region.


ColourRegionProductGrapeVintageOrganicVeganTech Sheet
sparkling_wineDãoDruida BrancoEncruzados2016organicvegan
sparkling_wineDãoMira BucelasArinto2016organicvegan
sparkling_wineDãoVidente TintoJaen, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Pinheira, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional2014organicvegan


white_wine  white wine
red_wine  red wine
rose_wine  rose wine
sparkling_wine  sparkling

fortified_wine  fortified wine
dessert_wine  dessert wine
liquers  liqueurs

organic  organic
biodynamic  biodynamic
sustainable_viticulture  sustainable viticulture
natural  natural

vegian+veg  vegan and vegetarian
vegetarian  vegetarian