Monólogo is located at the frontier of the Vinho Verde region. An impressive estate both in terrain and winemaking potential due to outstanding solar exposure and altitude that ranges from 180 to 400 meters. At the edge of the estate the Douro winemaking region and river appear and it is this proximity and similarity in climate, soil and altitude that allow the grapes grown there to result in wines that can be fresh and also complex, with great potential for evolution over the years.


ColourRegionProductGrapeVintageOrganicVeganTech Sheet


white_wine  white wine
red_wine  red wine
rose_wine  rose wine
sparkling_wine  sparkling

fortified_wine  fortified wine
dessert_wine  dessert wine
liquers  liqueurs

organic  organic
biodynamic  biodynamic
sustainable_viticulture  sustainable viticulture
natural  natural

vegian+veg  vegan and vegetarian
vegetarian  vegetarian