These wines are full on! We have never tasted guttsier wines than those from Brennan Firth at Cepas Elegidas. The production is proper small, often only a couple of barriques of each wine, and the style is big and powerful. To quote Brennan from his first ever email to us, he explains his winemaking approach best: “Character is something that none of my wines lack and sense of place is one of the most important factors for me when time comes to select certain varietals from specific regions. All of my wines are made with 100% native yeasts, never any enzymes and as pure as possible. Other than the grape, seed and skin, only sulfur and tartaric acid touch my wines. No clarifying agents and the wines are bottled without filtering.” So basically…raw goodness!


ColourRegionProductGrapeVintageOrganicVeganTech Sheet
sparkling_wineMendozaChapeauPetit Verdot2010--
sparkling_wineMendozaCinqCabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Tannat, Malbec


white_wine  white wine
red_wine  red wine
rose_wine  rose wine
sparkling_wine  sparkling

fortified_wine  fortified wine
dessert_wine  dessert wine
liquers  liqueurs

organic  organic
biodynamic  biodynamic
sustainable_viticulture  sustainable viticulture
natural  natural

vegian+veg  vegan and vegetarian
vegetarian  vegetarian