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We are thrilled to announce the arrival of three new producers to The Knotted Vine stable.

Hailing from Italy, Spain and France respectively, they all bring something different and special to the range.

Leonardo Bussoletti is located in Umbria (one of our favourite Italian wine regions, and holiday destinations to boot!) and is at the forefront of the Ciliegolo revolution.

The Ciliegolo di Narni grape has historically been used in Tuscany as a blending partner to Sangiovese in Chianti wines but Leonardo is adamant that it works just as well (better even) on its own, and having tasted his wines we are inclined to agree.

Two of his new arrivals (Ràmici, 2014 and Brecciaro, 2016) are made from Ciliegolo, and the third from Umbrian white grape Grechetto (Colle Ozio, 2017). All are worth trying immediately!

Our second new producer Bodegas Nestares Eguizábal makes wine in Rioja’s Ocón Valley and is a family-run affair with vineyards in the east of the valley near the village of Galilea.

Each wine comes from a single vineyard and there’s a strong focus on the local Tempranillo grape, with all red wines made from 100% Tempranillo. We are proud to list the A Veredas Crianza, 2016 as well as a white (A Veredas Blanco, 2016) made from a blend of barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Both are delicious and offer something modern and unique from this classic Spanish region.

We couldn’t introduce new wines from Italy and Spain without bringing in something from France too, and we have courtesy of Maison Ventenac.

The Languedoc remains one of France’s (Europe’s even) most exciting wine-producing regions due to its unique climate and abundance of permitted grape varieties.

Maison Ventenac is located in the Cabardès appellation where it owns 160 hectares of vineyards at the crossroads of Atlantic and Mediterranean winds which provide an enviable grape-growing location.

“I have always sought to offer consumers an original, accessible insight into Languedoc winemaking know-how, through precise, contemporary wines that reveal their fresh, fruity qualities to the full. Finely-sculpted, complex wines that are the genuine expression of the Cabardès terroir, says Ventenac’s Olivier Ramé.

We couldn’t agree more. Three wines from this impressive estate join our portfolio; Coup de Chance, 2017, Coup de Sang, 2017 and Le Paria, 2017.