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World of Food & Drink has published a run-down of its Top 10 fresh and fruity Australian wines, and Koerner’s La Corse 2016 makes the cut.

“Australian wines used to be big, brash and broad-shouldered,” says journalist Natasha Hughes MW who compiled the Top 10, “but now they’re finding their delicate side.”

Hughes was on the look-out for ‘refreshing, aromatic wines’ and was impressed by Koerner’s Clare Valley blend of Sangiovese, Grenache, Sciaccarello and Malbec.

Here’s what she had to say about it.

Koerner, La Corse, Clare Valley 2016
If you enjoy your grapes left field, you’ll find much to love about La Corse. As the name suggests, this lively red wine is based mainly on grapes found on Corsica (sangiovese, grenache and sciaccarello, since you ask, bolstered with a bit of malbec). The result is a very pretty, floral wine whose intense flavours of red plums and herbs, underpinned by gently grippy tannins, hint at its Mediterranean heritage.

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