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This summer we are thrilled to see the arrival of Italian producer Leonardo Bussoletti, who brings with him from Umbria a trio of wines that slot perfectly into the Knotted Vine portfolio and way of thinking.

This is a certified organic producer with a passion for minimal-intervention winemaking that leans on the traditions of the region and celebrates local – often little-known – grape varieties.

One such variety is Ciliegolo di Narni, a red grape which has historically been used in Tuscany as a blending partner to Sangiovese, but Bussoletti is pioneering single-variety Ciliegolo wines in Umbria.

Two of his Knotted Vine offerings are 100% Ciliegolo, the third is made from Umbrian white grape Grechetto.

Bussoletti began his career in wine on the sales and marketing side of the trade selling other people’s wines before switching to production in 2009 when he took charge of a small family vineyard planted with Ciliegolo, Trebbiano and Grechetto.

From these seven hectares of vines he produces 20,000 bottles of wine annually, some 70% of which is Ciliegolo. He has become a Ciliegolo authority, working with University of Milan to research the grape and identify its 30 clones and helping to set-up the Association of Ciliegolo producers of Narni.

His wines – the Ràmici 2014, Brecciaro 2016 and Colle Ozio 2017 – are three stunning examples of hands-off winemaking at its best showcasing these two native grapes in all their glory.

Let the Ciliegolo (and Grechetto) revolution commence!